Frisco ISD budget adding “Pay to Play” in 2017?

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FRISCO, TX -- When your community grows by more than 2,500 percent in 25 years, your school system grows right along with it.

In this case, the original Frisco High School from 1902 until 2002 has now become nine different Frisco high schools!

It all looks good from the outside - new buildings, football games at The Star and Toyota Stadium - but when all that happens this fast, well, money can be hard to come by!

"With the state funding that we have available, we just can`t continue to support this level of growth with the revenue we're bringing in," Frisco ISD Chief Financial Officer Kimberly Pickens told NewsFix on Monday.

Line up the chopping block!

Ten months of work turned into 60 recommendations aimed at saving nearly $6 million next year for the school systems, and it was slated for approval by the school board Monday night.

Some changes are small, like charging to print transcripts or not allowing teachers to have appliances like coffee machines in their classrooms.

One change, though, might feel like a brick wall for student-athletes.

"It will be per student athlete, not per sport, and it will be $100 for a middle school athlete and $200 for a high school athlete," Pickens said.

Sounds like "Pay to play", right?

Not so fast.

"There will be accommodations made for students who have financial need because we don't want to take away student opportunity," Pickens clarified.

She also pointed out that students in Fine Arts have already been paying their own way for the most part, so this really is just an evening of the playing field.

That fee will make up more than a million bucks for the school district, and they'll need it. Amidst all this, they're staying competitive by still giving staff a two percent raise.

"We absolutely value our teachers and all of our staff," Pickens said. "We felt like we really couldn't afford to fall behind in that area."

Another hold up... four new buildings set to open this coming school year will wait until 2018, saving another fifteen million dollars in salary.

Frisco may be the fastest growing system in Texas, but did anyone think to plant some money trees?

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