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FRISCO, TX — Let’s just start off by saying do not, we repeat, DO NOT eat Tide Pods!

Although it may seem like common knowledge, people are eating them for a beyond ridiculous internet challenge.

But Hurt’s Donut Co. is trying to put a fun little spin on the very toxic and poisonous pods.

“We try to stay topical, we try to look at the news and what’s trending,” owner of Hurt’s Donut in Frisco, Keith Selby said.

Don’t eat detergent, do eat donuts! That’s the message the popular donut joint is trying to tell. Selby explained, “We just wanted a safe alternative. So it’s really anti, it’s not really to promote anything. It’s more to have something fun. Go out and eat a donut and be safe.”

The trolls of the internet are betting anyone dollars to donuts that they won’t take the Tide Pod Challenge one step further.

Like eating aquarium gravel that looks like Fruity Pebbles:

A Fabuloso martini:

Cotton candy insulation:

Or cattails that everyone has mistaken for a corn dog at least once in their lives:

Of course they’re joking! A good way to tell that you’re not supposed to eat something is if it has a big fat warning sign that says “Do Not Swallow!”

So again, please don’t put anything in your mouth that looks like a Tide Pod, unless it’s this donut. In that case, carry on.