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FRISCO — Let us introduce you to Alex, an 8-year-old from Irving.

He’s obsessed with indoor skydiving.

Nope, no fear of heights for him, “No, I was excited about going higher enough.” says Alex.

His dad, Juan Espino says the whole family is so thankful for iFly. “If he’s had a bad day at school for whatever reason, you know his mind is just upset because of something happening, once he comes here and gets in that tunnel, he forgets everything.”

You see, because Alex has a form of autism, he and others with some sort of disability often aren’t able to experience activities like indoor skydiving. Okay… that’s not entirely true.

His mom doesn’t let that happen.

Elvia Espino says, “I called iFly and I was like look, I am a mom on a mission, it’s kind of a what I go by, would you consider making an all abilities night with our kiddos?”

That phone call led to dozens of kids and adults like Alex getting a chance to fly.

Ryan Hooks, iFly Dallas Sales Manager says there was a moment at the very first event that made him realize the importance of the all abilities night.

Hooks says it was a young man in a wheelchair. “We took him into the wind tunnel and he started to fly, and he lights up with this huge smile, and his mom and dad just bust into tears. And I checked in to see if everything is okay, and they said, he is 14-years-old and we have never ever seen him smile until now, so thank you, and that’s when I knew we had to make the program work.”

On Monday, Frisco’s deputy mayor suited up to fly with Alex… declaring march 6th iFly Day.

However, his mom isn’t stopping here. She’s asking the new indoor water park in Grand Prairie to have an all abilities program, and hoping Six Flags will jump on board too.