Free The Nip? Berkeley ordinance seeks out “topless equality” for women

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BERKELEY, CA — It’s pretty hard being a woman’s nipple.

These days a mom can’t whip out her’s to feed a baby, without a handful of controversial comments.

Oh, and if you’re a lady, you better think twice about going topless to prove your point.

Well, over in Berkeley, Ca., Councilman Kriss Worthington (yes, a dude) is pushing to free the nipple. Legally.

Worthington wants to nip the city’s “indecent exposure” laws in the bud.

His ordinance reads, “nipples are not inherently sexual and are fit to be seen by the rest of the population … If that woman so chooses.”

Wow, that sounds like something Amber Rose would write.

This idea comes after Worthington noticed a Go Topless march in Manhattan inspiring hundreds of women to  “go topless” in public!

You know, just like the men are allowed to do.

Los Angeles city council has already gone back and forth on an ordinance allowing women to sunbathe topless at Venice Beach. That was eventually nipped.

So maybe the ‘Golden State’ will take this golden opportunity to … Freeeee the nip!

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