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GARLAND, TX-What if we told you that you could have free beer for life? Yes, freeee beeeerrr!

Before you start salivating over a cold one, there’s a catch!

Cary Hodson is trying to raise money for a brewery in Garland, but instead of taking out a loan like most business owners, he’s taking a different approach. Hodson is asking potential patrons to invest two thousand bucks for endless suds on draft!

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to beer money, doesn’t it?

“There’s a growing trend for crowd funding investments so we’ve come up with some great rewards including beer for life where the community can show their support for a local business,” said Hodson.

This furniture craftsman hopes to bring craft beer to Garland Square.

“Well every home brewer dreams of owning his own brewery and we’re very passionate about Garland and we want to bring that excitement to Garland,” he said.

Hodson is already gaining recognition for his home brewed craft beers.

“The most notable one has been at Deep Ellum Brewing Company, we won four of nine awards including fan favorite and best of show,” he said.

Two thousand bucks to cure whatever ales you, there’s only 2 words, beer me!