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DENTON, Texas — If fracking in Denton were a series, we’d call this episode the “Return of Fracking.”

What looked like a win for frack-free Denton supporters after a ban on hydraulic drilling passed, a new state law restricting local control of oil and gas left residents asking, ‘What the frack?’

These peaceful protesters were arrested last week after they protested near the first Denton fracking site.

“We stood there with a giant copy of our ordinance and they had to move our ordinance in order to let the frack trucks through,” said one protester.

But not all North Texans are against fracking; a new website called is dawning a pro-fracking platform!

And they’re drilling their message home with the power of memes!! Hey, who doesn’t love a good meme?

Phrases like ‘You have fracking questions, I have fracking answers,’ and ‘Claims to be against fracking, wears orange shoes made with natural gas,’ to name a few.

They’re hoping to spread the message that fracking isn’t so bad, but instead essential for our needs like toothpaste, guitar strings, cell phones, tires and golf balls.

But it’s an issue that folks in Denton say has harmed their health and is hurting Mother Earth, not to mention those earthquakes!

For now, the frack is back in Denton and we’ve got the memes to prove it!