Four of the Strangest Christmas Traditions There are

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DALLAS - It's the Christmas season and it seems like everyone has a tradition of some sort come this time of year. Whether it's opening those gifts stuffed in the stockings on Christmas eve - or leaving cookies out for Santa. But if you think your family's traditions are strange - wait until you hear about these:

  • The flaming Yule Goat. And before PETA gets their panties in a bunch, it's not a real goat. It's a goat made of straw and wood. The thing is, this Swedish tradition is illegal. Every year, the town of Gävle makes a goat, and every year someone tries to burn it down. Why? Honestly, why not??
  • If that doesn't, uh, get your goat - maybe the pooping log will. This tradition is centered in the Catalonian region of Spain where every year in early December kids start feeding a log that has legs and a face. Then, come Christmas eve, kids take off the blanket and discover it has pooped out candy and gifts!
  • They must have a weird fascination with things taking a crap in the Catalonian area because this next tradition - involving a little figurine that drops trou and poops all over nativity scenes - also takes place there. And yes, the figurine can be anything from Star Wars characters to Donald Trump or Pope Francis.
  • Last but not least, this one is a bit more mainstream. Krampus! He looks like a goat that made some bad life decisions... in hopes that you don't do the same, I guess. Anyway, Krampus - which can be found in Germany, Austria and surrounding countries - basically terrifies kids into staying *off* the naughty list.
    Which is really something - we should all strive to do anyway!

So the next time you feel like your family is strange, remember flaming goats, logs that crap out gifts, figurines that drop trou and poop, and a scary looking goat-type-creature called Krampus. Then, maybe you'll realize your family isn't so bad after all.

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