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FORT WORTH-  We already know cops will arrest you, but apparently they’ll roast you too!

“We are very funny,” said officer Tracy Carter of Forth Worth Police Department.

Earlier this week, Fort Worth PD dropped a hilariously funny surveillance video of a man trying to steal quarters from a washing machine.

“That’s the main part, is that we can get it out there and somebody’s going to recognize this person,” Carter said. “We used it this time to just make light so we get more viewership so maybe we can find this person and apprehend him.”

Cops clowned this man for not only the crime, but for his ‘cool tattoos’ in a tweet.

And the biggest punchline? All that work, and he only made out with 25 bucks!

“To get away with the small amount of change that he got away with, we just felt that we could make something to put light to it,” Carter said.

Fort Worth PD is still looking out for this guy.

While they may joke around from time to time, make no mistake, they will still lock ya up!