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FORT WORTH — The turkey dinner is one of the most iconic holiday traditions in this part of the world. That’s why Fort Worth cops gave folks turkeys instead of tickets during traffic stops last month, just in time for Thanksgiving.

“The story actually went national, in national media,” said Sgt. Marc Povero of the FWPD. “And PETA heard about it.”

And PETA cried fowl foul.

“A lot of people don’t realize that turkeys are sensitive, intelligent animals, just like our cats and dogs,” said PETA’s Katerina Davidovich.

So, FWPD carved the turkey out of their Christmas plans, and partnered up with PETA to hand out tofu turkey, or “Tofurky,” at Sundance Square.

It’s a dish that’s much more friendly to Fort Worth’s vegans.

“The Fort Worth PD, we want to reach out to our community,” Sgt. Povero said. “And that’s basically one part of our community that we really never considered to reach out to.”

“They’re reducing the number of animals that suffer on factory farms and die miserable deaths just to end up on someone’s plate,” Davidovich added.

Hey, when it comes to holiday traditions, Tofurky might not come to mind.

But let’s not forget that saving turkeys is a holiday tradition too.  And this Fort Worth switcheroo is for the birds.