Fort Worth Welcomes Gay Officers

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Fort Worth, TX—If you have a bad perception of a typical cop, the Fort Worth Police Department is working to change that.

Meet Detective Chris Gorrie. “What does a 30-year-old White guy have to do with diversity? Well, the short answer — I’m gay,” he said in a Youtube video.

Fort Worth PD is rolling out a new set of diversity videos to recruit more men and women in blue.

“Police work is probably considered more of a boys’ club. The LGBT community might not feel like they fit in.  I feel like this helps reach out and show them, it’s not exclusive. It’s inclusive.”

The campaign will also create more videos from officers who are Hispanic, African-American, single moms, and more.

“We need to attract more female police officers, more African-American police officers, more Hispanic police officers. We want the best of the best,” LGBT Liaison Officer Corporal Tracey Knight said.

The new campaign might help revamp the department’s image.  Many still recall the police raid at the Rainbow Lounge back in 2009.

“One of the issues that came up was that there was nobody that the leaders of the LGBT community felt like they could call,” Knight added.

Fort Worth PD  hopes with more diversity, folks will be more inclined to apply.

“The most satisfying thing is catching the bad guy.  Putting the puzzle pieces together,” Gorrie said.  “I will go out there and help make other people more comfortable, and maybe recruit good candidates who just happen to be gay.”

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