Fort Worth pawn shop solves half of the diamond ring-ear pod mystery

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FORT WORTH - Remember the mysterious stolen ear pods and diamond ring that turned up last week in a pawn shop on the south end of Fort Worth? The ones Purple Heart Pawn and Gun's owner thought might belong to someone in DFW named Lacy?

Owner Michael Meyer hoped the heart-shaped diamond wedding ring a man and woman were trying to sell for $100 would belong to 'Lacy,' the name that came up when he synchronized the ear pods to his smart phone. Apple ear pods are great and all but the ring, according to Meyer, is easily worth $15,000-$20,000 (which is a big fat red flag for stolen jewelry when the sellers are only asking for $100 🤨).

Meyer passed on the ear pods, but paid $100 for the ring. He had no proof the ring was stolen, so instead of immediately handing over to police, Meyer took to social media in hopes of finding the ring's owner.

And on top of that, Meyer was offering Lacy the ring back for free. 🤠❤️

The social media search worked, sort of. Lacy turned up and those ARE her ear buds!! But the ring is not hers. Shout out to Lacy for being honest (although the pawn shop was requiring proof of ownership, so...).

Purple Heart has turned the ring over to Colleyville police, who are working with FWPD to find the owner; good news is, they may have already solved the mystery with the recent break up of a theft ring. Purple Heart posted an update saying, "...Colleyville Police were able to use the information and surveillance we collected to identify the thief. And are in the process of arresting him if they haven’t already."

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