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FORT WORTH – North Texas is looking pretty thirsty right now! But no, really…we’re in a drought, and you can help!

“The best idea for conservation is to keep the rain right where it falls,” said Greg Gunn of the Botanic Research Institute of Texas. “Anytime you can get free water in a drought year, that’s a good thing.”

That’s exactly why the City of Fort Worth is encouraging residents to use rain barrels if they want to keep their gardens green without using up all of our much needed water.

And, the city is offering a pretty steep discount to help you afford it!

One 50 gallon Rain Water Solution Barrel could cost you about $120 online,but with this deal, Fort Worth residents can get one for $40.

If you want to grab one, you’ll want to hurry and hit the city up…there’s already a wait-list.

“The health of the country, the health even of our oceans starts in your backyard,” Gunn said. “They’re very easy to install, they just collect the rain water off of the gutters, and I don’t have to do anything to them except use the water.”