Fort Worth makes new one ways, meanwhile drivers make mistakes

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FORT WORTH -- It’s chaos on West 7th Street area of Fort Worth.

That’s the whole reason the city is making the main arteries on the busy road into one ways… for safety.

“I typically avoid the area on late night,” says one driver. Especially at night when bars get out, it’s tough for anyone to navigate, including emergency crews.

However, the transition is adding confusion onto that chaos.

City workers and police are staking out the area with bright flags and do not enter signs.

But, somehow they must not be bright enough.

NewsFix was standing on one of the new one ways for a few minutes when they witnessed a lady turning the wrong way. She didn’t respond to the officer blowing his horn, missed the men in neon waving their arms at her, but eventually stopped after the officer chased her down.

It’s likely going to be messy around West 7th Street for a bit. But, people going the wrong way on one ways isn’t a new thing.

“I’ve seen that many times, people going the wrong way and they are like, 'Ooh, oh what, do I do?'” says one driver.

Another driver says she sees people turning the wrong way all the time.

“People that do not live here and do not know how it is tend to get in a few wrecks.”

There’s only one way to solve this problem. Read the signs, and pay attention, especially if there are flashing lights and neon colors.

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