Fort Worth contractor of Hispanic Descent may build Trump`s border wall

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FORT WORTH — President Trump’s proposed border wall has become one of the most divisive political plans in recent memory.

Now the search is on to find a plan that will build the wall across America’s southern border. The deadline for proposals is less than a week away, and one of the contractors throwing his hat into the ring may surprise you.

“On my mom’s side, her parents immigrated from Mexico so a lot of my family are immigrants, first generation immigrants,” said Michael Evangelista-Ysaga.

Yeah, it may seem unlikely but Michael Evangelista-Ysaga, CEO of the Penna Group in Fort Worth, is helping craft a plan for the controversial border wall.

“My firm had to do a lot of soul searching before we put our hat in the ring on this project,” Michael recounted.

But eventually, they decided that if the wall was getting built one way or another, they might as well put forward the best plan they had, and one that could be safe for border agents and those trying to cross illegally.

“I’d rather be a productive part of the solution rather than sit it out and then wake up on a Sunday morning and hear about a dozen Guatemalan kids that were seriously injured or killed on an electrified fence,” Michael said.

Also a strong advocate of immigration reform, Michael hopes the wall can finally help America solve the immigration debate.

“It’s our hope that once we secure our borders that we can then have that much-needed conversation about immigration reform,” Michael said.

Well if the wall debate has been any indication there is already plenty of conversation. Whether we’ll have any solutions soon is still up in the air.

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