Former secret service agent gives inside look on Austin bombing investigation

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DALLAS — Robert Caltabiano served 23 years in the US Secret Service, so he knows exactly what investigators on the ground in Austin are looking for.

“It’s really the DNA that’s involved. If they can get any DNA testing on the packaging in and of itself, also looking at the device,” Caltabiano said. “So if the device hasn’t been shred in pieces they’ll try to take that, put that back together to see how it’s been operating and the operating system on it to see how sophisticated it is or not.”

And it’s not just Austin that’s nervous over these bombing. Dallas PD even put out a community awareness bulletin to let citizens know how to handle suspicious packages. So what should you be looking for?

“Is the address written in somebody’s hand? Is it legible? Are there misspellings in the address or in names?” Caltabiano advised. “Is it wrapped like it just came from the supermarket where you get those brown paper bags? Is there a lot of duct tape or a lot of tape on it? Could there be stains on these packages?”

His ultimate message is to be vigilant, but not paranoid when it comes to package bombs.

“We’re more prone to having accidents texting while you’re driving than we are right now to receive a package that, unfortunately, may have an explosive in it,” he said.

So keep an eye out for suspicious packages, but don’t let that distract you from everything else!

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