Former Carter High Football Star Sues Makers of New Movie

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DALLAS — The drama surrounding the 1988 Carter Cowboys took over 25 years to go from the high school football field to the big screen. But it only took two weeks to make it from Hollywood to a courthouse.

Gary Edwards, one of the team’s star players, is suing the filmmakers behind “Carter High” for more than $1 million.

Back in ’88, Edwards was one of the best on the field, but he was also at the center of a controversy over failing grades that caused the team to forfeit its State Championship.

And he was one of the players who took part in a string of robberies that tainted the team’s legacy.

Fair to say, Edwards was a key character in the rise and fall of that team, and that’s exactly the story “Carter High” is all about.

But according to a lawsuit filed by Edwards, writer/director Arthur Mohammad “Used [Edwards’] story without permission and pawned off [sic] as his own,” even after Edwards “refused to give his permission for his name and likeness to be used in the project.”

The lawsuit goes on to claim, “The depiction of [Edwards] in the movie is not accurate and it’s degrading.”

The plaintiffs in the “Carter High” case didn’t return NewsFix’s calls, and the defendants declined to comment.

But executive producer and former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis said at the premiere in October, “Basically, this movie is about making the right decisions and the right choices in your life and what can happen when you don’t make the right choices in your life.”

It’ll be up to a court to decide if the filmmaker’s choices were right or wrong.

But since the movie hasn’t even made $150,000 so far, suing for a million dollars might be a bit of a “Hail Mary.”

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