Force Feeding of Violent Images Needs to Stop

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I’ve been going through my Facebook and Twitter feeds lately and all this death stuff has been right in front of me. I never directly ask for this stuff, and if I wanted Faces of Death, I’d buy the video.

I`ve been going through my Facebook and Twitter feeds lately and  this is the kind of stuff that`s been right in front of me — dead people in the Middle East, victims of that Malaysian airlines flight, some loser beating up an autistic kid, and James Foley being beheaded.

I never directly asked to see this stuff, but there it was, in a way being force-fed into my consciousness.

Is it just me? Aren`t  you sick and tired of the ‘sick’ stuff your seeing? If I want Faces of Death, I`ll buy the videos.

I`m all for free speech, but if I I`m going to see something disturbing, I want to know it`s coming my way.

Twitter , Facebook and YouTube all have different policies on what`s allowable.

Porn is okay on Twitter, but not on YouTube and Facebook; all three have vague rules when it comes to graphic and violent images.

We get warnings with other media — music, movies  and tv shows — so  why are all bets off when it comes to social media?

Sure, these big boys say they are doing what they can to prevent the image of a beheading from getting stuck in our heads, but it`s not enough! They are smart enough to target ads at us and make billions; let`s hope they are not stupid enough to avoid fixing this issue.  Because the more you force feed  a turn-off… People may just turn it all off — and they would get a taste of their own medicine!

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