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DALLAS — This flu season has hit Texas hard.

Around the state, schools have canceled classes because of the high number of students and staff being out sick. But, one school is going viral in a different way.

Bishop Lynch High School is holding classes online due to the number of flu cases at the private school in Dallas.

The idea came to Principal Chad Riley after almost 10% of his students were absent Wednesday.

While the schedule change is intended to give students a chance to get better, it isn’t a day off; students are following what’s called an E Day Protocol.

We’re talking about students communicating with their teachers and working on assignments through an online learning system. So homework gets done and no one gets sick. Pretty cool right?

Kind of makes you wonder what would happen if other schools went digital. It seems like there’d be fewer school shootings, less bullying and more one on one interaction with teachers.

After all, a lot of colleges already do it this way with many of their classes.

But, of course, there could be disadvantages too. Like interaction with classmates and possible plagiarism or cheating.

Guess we’ll just have to see if protocols catch on elsewhere.

After all, we are living in a digital world.