Flow No! Politician Period Panties Are Apparently A Thing

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OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Is it us, or has this year's political race come with more trolling than the usual? Trump's had his share of beatings with those hand made pinatas (get it?), and then there's such a thing as Hillary toilet paper? C'mon , you cant wipe this stuff from our psyche! But, even we have to admit, one company is really out for blood -- literally!

Check out these... Bloody Marys:  (Not the drink, although, you might need one after this)

Courtesy: Facebook/Sarah Palatnik
Courtesy: Facebook/Sarah Palatnik

Yeah, Cute Fruit Undies has created period panties featuring a politician's face planted right where the sun don't shine! We've seen this kind of thing before, but these are pretty cold-blooded!

Courtesy: Bloody Mary Undies
Courtesy: Bloody Mary Undies

Wait. Before we all get our panties in a wad, the company has their reasoning behind this political statement.

According to their site, the panty line is a way for women to express themselves toward a politician who has  "... actively worked to pass legislation that hinders women's reproductive rights."

As a bonus, the company is donating $3 of every sale to a Planned Parenthood.

Soooo, who's buying these period panties? Well, apparently,  enough people to where the site has delayed shipment because of an "overwhelming number of orders."

These bloody briefs have a lot of people talking! You've got politics, underwear, and the abortion debate wrapped  in one; and depending on where you stand on all this, it could get your blood boiling.

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