Flood victims have to watch what’s IN the water too

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HOUSTON, TX — As Harvey victims are trying to save themselves and get to higher ground, now there’s another warning: beware of wildlife, especially alligators!

A Houston woman spotted a gator floating around in her backyard, but not just one gator. In Arlene Gonzalez Kelsch’s Facebook video, she says, “Now it looks like there’s not only him, but now him!”

That’s right, two of them! That’s enough to make us say “See ya later, alligator!”

Gators aren’t the only thing floating in the waters. Fire ants are trying to stay afloat, too.

A bizarre sight shows an island made of only ants. It keeps them safe, for the most part, until they reach dry land.

For humans, don’t even think about touching it, or alligators for that matter because both can kill you.

It’s hard enough leaving everything behind because of the water. It’s another to fear for your life because of what lurks above and below.

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