Flip That House: More Millennials Turn to House Flipping

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They call them millennials,  and the latest wave of generation 'Y' is getting out of college and getting into the workforce, looking for a way to make some cold hard cash.

"These are a group of people who have more time, employment may be a difficult situation, they`re looking for other options. They are young, so they`re going to be out of the box thinkers," Mark Bloom, CEO of Networth Realty, said.

Bloom also says he`s seeing more and more millennials are flipping houses to turn a buck.

“I think naturally this comes to them as a good opportunity at the right time.”

Two millennial flippers, Josh Heater and Adrien Elizondo, say if you're in it for some quick cash, you`re in for a rude awakening.

“I've run into a lot of things that I didn’t expect, and problems are always coming up,” Elizondo said.

“Its not as easy as it seems, its not rolling the dice and just making some money. They're a lot of different things I had to do that I have to get involved in, that come up on a daily basis,”Heater added.

Hard work can pay off, Bloom explained. The flippers who get lucky can make a nice living off their investment.

“If all goes well, with no bumps in the road, and everything goes exactly as it is laid out on paper you can look to make somewhere between 50 and 100 % return on investment in a 4- 6 month time frame.”

Yep, that's what we'd call home sweet home.

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