Flight Plight: Airline Tickets Reach All-Time High

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DALLAS – Need a trip? Exhausted? Want to get out of dodge?

Here’s the good news – there are more options. Southwest is adding extra non-stop flights to their roster. Come January, folks will be able to fly directly to San Francisco and Oakland from Love Field. In October, 16 cities will be non-stop from here.

Now the bad news– many of you won’t be able to afford it.

Airline tickets are literally sky-high. There are reports that an average round trip flight for all airlines can soar over 509 bucks.

“As a traveler I’m going to adjust to whatever the airlines do,” Dustin Cherry said. “It’s a necessary evil sometimes.”

No wonder most of the majors are reporting record profits.

And the buck doesn’t stop there. The meals on American Airlines flights are coming to a halt. The company announced they are ending full meals in first-class on short flights.

That’ll make your stomach turn – as much as the high fares.

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