Flick Fight: Small Theater Slams AMC for Hoarding New Releases

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DALLAS -- American Sniper hit the bull's eye this weekend, raking in over $90 million.

That number had most cinema chains jumping for joy, but it left one theatre in Addison steaming mad. The Prestonwood location of LOOK Cinemas didn't see one dime of American Sniper's record-breaking box office this weekend because they weren't allowed to show it.

You could say movie-goers were forced to “look” somewhere else. That turned out to be the theater down the street, the mega chain AMC.

Due to a practice called clearance, movie theaters that operate within close proximity of each other often show different releases in order to make sure a film maxes out its potential profits for the distributor.

But LOOK doesn't want to hear any of that. They've unleashed a social media campaign -- #MyChoiceMyTheatre. The headline of the web page saying “North Korea can't tell us which movies to play. AMC shouldn't either.”

LOOK Chairman Brian Mason says what's happening is censorship and he wants it to stop.

"Since they've opened, six of the top 10 selling films have gone to them and not us. It represents almost 65% of the box office spin since then, so it's an economic hardship on us."

Meanwhile, down the street at AMC, folks are flocking to see American Sniper on the last day of this long holiday weekend. We wanted to talk to AMC about all of this, but they did not return our call.

Mason continued with, "We think it’s wrong when a multinational chain comes in and restricts our access. And we think, why not let the movie goers decide where they want to see the movie?"

Looks like this drama will be continued.

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