Fitt 33: No Excuse Workouts! 4 workouts, 4 minutes!

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Summer is almost here!

Are you on your way to being summertime fine? No? We can fix that!

Many people say they don’t have the time to workout, but you do!

Joshua Corona of the Sweat Shop Dallas has created No Excuse Workouts, guaranteed to get you on track for summer 2017!

The Bear Crawl

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Set your timer for four minutes, breaking the exercise down into 30 second intervals: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off rest.

The bear crawl is a full body exercise that only uses your body weight. Do this for 30 seconds for four minutes, and your workout is done!

The Crab Walk

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Set your timer the same as the previous workout! This exercise works your muscles.

Get ready to feel your quadriceps, gluteus and abdominal muscles in action!

Do this for four minutes, and you're done.

Bear Crawl Kick Outs

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The same as before, set your timer for four minutes!

Bear crawl kick outs are an awesome exercise for cardio. You'll feel the burn in your hips, shoulders and quadriceps.

Tip: before adding intensity, slowly go through the movements and allow your body to unlock itself.

Do this for four minutes, and you're done!


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The final workout to easily knock out for the week is everyone's favorite (not really), burpees!

Same time as the others, so no excuses!

Burpees can help burn fat, increase strength and condition.


There's four workouts that can meet any intensity level!

Still have an excuse?

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