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When it comes to weight loss, here’s a quick tip: stay close to nature as possible!

Fats, carbohydrates and protein are all needed to nourish the body, but did you know you can get all of these food groups through only fruits and vegetables?

Avocados are a great fat that you can pretty much put with any meal.

Carbs are usually your main source of energy. Oranges and strawberries are a great way to get those carbohydrates in throughout the day without getting bloated.

Yes, you can get protein from your vegetables. Mushrooms are a great way to get your protein in without having to eat as much meat. Try mixing mushrooms with eggs or your favorite pasta instead of packing in the meat.

When it comes to weight loss, mix and match your foods, and have fun with it! Stay as close to nature as possible, and enjoy what you’re putting in your body.