Fitness program helps special needs clients sweat it out at the gym

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MCKINNEY – There’s one trainer in McKinney who’s pretty special.

And his clients?

Well, they’re pretty strong.

Daniel Stein doesn’t believe in the word “can’t.”

After prepping for years, he started up Special Strong, a fitness program made to help people with special needs find their inner gym rat.

“We don’t see limitations, we don’t see barriers, we don’t even see disability,” Stein said. “We find out what they can do, and then we empower them to do even more.”

From cardio to leg day, Daniel’s training is customized for each client to boost their abilities, and their attitudes.

“That’s actually what makes us different from just your regular mainstream trainer,” Stein said. “We take an approach to the brain that most other companies don’t really have the capability to do.”

“A child with special needs, there are always so many limitations on them,” said one mom who’s son trains with Daniel. “I love being able to bring him in and they say, ‘If he wants to do it, we can find a way!'”

You may catch the Special Strong team maxing out on machines at the University Drive Anytime Fitness, but if you head their way, be prepared to break a sweat.

“All I see is potential with our clients,” Stein said.

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