First responders in Hurst help save 8-year-old’s birthday party

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HURST — There are very few days that are as exciting as your birthday.

“I was like, way so excited,” said 8-year-old Graham Day.

No doubt Graham was excited about his big day. Just like any other kid, he had passed out invites to all of his friends.

“He had invitations handed to friends and parents,” Graham’s mom, Jennifer, said. “Most had said they were going to come; 2:45 I walked through the door with an arm full of pizzas, and my mom meets me at the door, ‘Jen, nobody is here.’”

“I was waiting and waiting… I wasn’t very happy about that,” said Graham.

No one had shown up to Graham’s party, he was heart broken.

“I look over and he’s not facing me and I said, ‘Graham, honey are you okay?’ And he doesn’t even look back and said, ‘No, not really.’ And that just gutted me,” Jennifer said.

With that, Jennifer took the social media site asking anyone in the area to come to the party. After little response, Jennifer turned to some folks who are familiar with saving the day: the Hurst Police Department.

“She wanted to do something special and was distraught and asked to see if we could have an officer show up at her son’s birthday party and help wish him a happy birthday,” Officer Tom McElwee said. “At that time, I thought, ‘Well, not much was going on at the city so, maybe we could offer the entire shift.’”

Hurst police, along with Fire Rescue, came along and created a moment this 8-year-old will never forget.

“I wish I knew how to tell them how much they did; it was so much more than just coming over and singing Happy birthday,” Jennifer said.

Graham also wanted these first responders to know how much he appreciated them showing up to the party. “I would say ‘Thank you!’ They saved my party!”

Happy Birthday, Graham!

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