Flight Attendant Sets Fire on American Airlines Plane — WTH?!

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FORT WORTH -- When you get on your flight, the only turbulence you expect is hitting few air pockets. But on Tuesday, an American Airlines flight from DFW to Detroit was feeling the heat.

That's because flight attendant set fire near the rear lavatory of the plane.

The FBI says Johnathan Tafoya-Montano reported the fire, but you know what they say about whoever smelled it dealt it? The FBI determined the guy used a green Bic lighter to set paper towels on fire and then pretended to discover the fire and put it out!

The flight attendant has been charged with destruction of aircraft and making false statements or entries.

The plane landed safely in Detroit, but we're sure this flight attendant will be placed on the No-Fly List for a long time.

But nothing could be worse than realizing the plane you're on -- has no one at the helm. That happened to passengers on a Saudi airline after the captain Walid bin Mohammed al Mohammed suffered a heart attack and died in flight.

His co-pilot was able to land the plane safely and no one was injured.

Just goes to show you, sometimes it’s not so bad to be grounded.

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