Filtering Racism? Some Users Call Snapchat Filter Racist

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VENICE, CA--Remember when Snapchat was notorious for the disappearing messages?

Some people used it to send sexy texts and pictures which would self-destruct and eliminate the evidence!

Well, now the Snap has a different kinda controversy.

A new filter is supposed to make people in pictures look like anime characters.
Some users call it "yellowface," making the subjects look east Asian.


No, it's not the first time a Snapchat filter was called racist.

They took a lotta heat back on April 20, 420 Day, for the Bob Marley filter.
Snapchat said it was trying to honor the late singer, but some users called it "blackface."

Then others said Snap's *beautifying* filters were like *whitewashing* their pictures.

We're all for creativity but you gotta watch out for that stuff.

Another social media site is ticking off its users.

Facebook says they've found a way to get around ad-blockers, so even if you use one, you'll still see commercials on the site.
But they say they're getting rid of the most annoying ads.

Well, Facebook is free, so they gotta make money somehow, right?

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