Fighting Could Mean an ‘F’ for Missouri Kids — ‘F’ for Felony!

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO — That little squabble on the school playground could mean an “F” for kids in Missouri.

Not a failing grade. “F” for felony.

Yep, the new law goes into effect January 1 in Missouri.

Here’s how it breaks down. Third and fourth degree assaults will no longer be classified as minor offense. Kids will be slapped with a felony charge, regardless of their age or grade.

“Are we really trying to throw these kids’ futures away by giving them a felony charge for something they’re doing in their adolescence? Giving them an adult charge, when we can do something else to kinda get in front of the situation?” asked Erica Ussery, who’s a parent in Missouri.”

Supporters hope this will make kids think twice about throwing punches. Fighting has become a major problem at schools across the nation. Tragically, it’s even led to young kids losing their lives… like 15-year-old Amy Joyner-Francis who was beaten to death in a Delaware school restroom.

But is charging a minor with a felony really the answer?

“Let’s be proactive and try to mentor and get more people involved to help with the real issues as to why they’re fighting in the first place,” Ussery said. “I think that’s more effective.”

Whether you agree with the law or not, violence is never okay. Come on, y’all, keep your hands to yourself!

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