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DALLAS–An attack on a couple in Oak Cliff certainly shook up the victims.

“It’s not okay to say that it’s just Oak Cliff,” said Garrett Scharton. He and his wife were attacked at gunpoint as they walked their dog after midnight.

“It’s not okay to say, well, it’s just Deep Ellum. It’s not okay to say it’s just this neighborhood or that neighborhood. It’s what kind of neighborhood you want, what kind of neighborhood you expect. And what are we gonna do about it.”

And now the whole community is getting involved.

They gathered for a community meeting at the Brain Dead Brewery Tuesday night.

“We need more police officers in the city of Dallas to protect its citizens,” Dallas Police Association president Michael Mata said. “And not just these two individuals. We’re talking citizens across the city are getting robbed. This is nothing new.”

People got pretty upset when they heard the teens involved might get only probation if they’re tried as juveniles. They want the judge to certify the suspects as adults so they can have an adult trial and do adult time.

But whatever happens, you know folks in this neighborhood will be looking over their shoulders for a long time to come.