New View: Cell Video Released in Mike Brown Shooting

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FERGUSON, MO – A new clue in the shooting death of 18-year-old Mike Brown in Ferguson, released by an anonymous source, shows two contractors reacting to the incident– just after the shots were fired.

They say they were 50 feet from where it all went down.

You can hear the contractor saying, “He has his f*****g hands in the air.”

The contractor in the pink shirt reportedly saw Brown staggering and said Brown put his hands up saying “Okay, Okay, Okay.”

In addition to the video, off camera you can hear someone saying, “He was not a f*****g threat at all.”

SOUND EVIDENCE: FBI Analyzing Audio in Mike Brown Shooting

Some feel this could be a pivotal piece of evidence for the case.

“It’s like a play-by-play of what they just saw,” Benjamin Crump, the Mike Brown family Attorney, said. “And you can’t get better evidence than that – other than the video of the shooting itself.”

Protesters are still taking to the streets, and continuing to call for justice. This isn’t the first video released, and who knows if it will be the last.

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