Ferguson Fizzled: Protest At Cowboys-Rams Game Called Off

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ST. LOUIS, MO -- Over the weekend, you may have heard about planned protests at the Cowboys-Rams game in St. Louis.

Yeah, a guy named Umar Lee was calling for a major, disruptive protest at the Edward Jones Dome, in the wake of the continued controversy in Ferguson, Missouri.

“We will be meeting to shut down the football game, to shut down the National Football League,” said Lee in a video posted on YouTube. “So all of those St. Louis Rams fans who love justice, I would ask you to contact me and to donate your St. Louis Rams tickets so protestors can get in the dome.”

Well, if you watched the game you might have noticed something, which is that you didn’t notice anything!

No protest, no shut down, just an EPIC Cowboys comeback.

A couple of protestors did show up outside the Dome, but nothing like what Lee was promising. But, according to Lee, there’s a good reason why:

“Because of the children out here, because of the families, we've decided to be merciful and compassionate and give the Rams permission to have their football game,” said Lee, decked out in Rams gear, in a video posted on Sunday.

So, the protesters gave “permission” for the teams to play? Well, no surprise, the folks on YouTube weren't too merciful when it came to this explanation.

“I guess it’s if you can’t win, pretend you let them win,” posted one user.

“Thank the Lord you were so merciful to allow this to happen,” another sarcastically quipped.

Finally, one user said what had to be on everyone’s mind: “In other words, you scammed people out of some tickets claiming you were going to protest.”

Well, local news did capture Lee entering the stadium, and Lee himself posted a video from his seat, watching the game.

As for what actually happened we can’t be sure. Lee claimed victory on Twitter after the game, calling the event a “success,” but another would-be protester said that the protest at the stadium was a “decoy.”

In the end, it just goes to show that you should be careful who you donate your tickets to. Although if you were a Rams fan, you didn't miss much.

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