Too Hot to Handle? Feds Ban E-Cigs From Checked Airline Bags

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DALLAS -- From tweens to adults, there's no question the e-cig is a smoking trend with the millennial crowd. But it's popularity isn't the only thing that's exploding these days.

A new federal law has banned e-cigarettes from checked luggage on airplanes to prevent in-flight fires. According to the Department of Transportation,  there have been 26 incidents over the last seven years where an e-cigarette has caused an explosion or fire.

Yeah, they're not just blowing smoke up our you know what.  Just last week, one Kansas man says even after following safety guidelines, his e-cig exploded on the charger causing pieces of metal to pierce through a wall at home. When he took the device back to the store, staff told him that he needed to purchase a small computer chip to keep the lithium battery from exploding.

"They say it's safe indoors, but apparently, it is not because it blew up and did horrible damage, it could have hurt him, " his wife explained. "I just want to let people know that those things are not safe. "

But the damage doesn't stop there.

A 21-year-old man is currently in critical condition, suffering from external and internal burns. His e-cig reportedly exploded in his mouth. His sister says she heard a loud "boom" before finding him unresponsive in his room.

These e-cigarettes may be a hot item, but are they too hot to handle?

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