FedEx Fail: Watch as Driver Drops Packages All Over Road

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WESTMINISTER, CO — It was a crazy scene on a Colorado highway as Phil Dickson and his family captured video of an impromptu giveaway. A FedEx truck driver was unknowingly turning the road into a yuletide obstacle course — a holiday thief’s dream.

But a situation that definitely would`ve made customers go postal.

As the packages kept tumbling onto the road, Phil was doing his best to get the driver’s attention, eventually accomplishing his goal after repeatedly flashing his headlights and pulling over Mr. Generous.

It’s not surprising that the driver was in a rush. FedEx delivers nearly 300 million shipments between Black Friday and Christmas.

It’s a good thing our buddy Phil wasn’t a Grinch who decided to keep all the boxes for himself.

Luckily for everybody, Phil chose to be nice instead of naughty this holiday season, preventing gift buyers from receiving a tracking code of S.O.L.

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