FedEx Charged with Drug Trafficking

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SAN FRANCISCO – FedEx is now dealing with the Feds. It’s accused of knowingly shipping prescription drugs to dealers and addicts from illegal online pharmacies.

The charges come after a nine-year federal investigation.

According to the indictment, FedEx knew something shady was going on. Aggressive customers would jump on trucks, threaten drivers and demand their shipments immediately.

In response, FedEx had customers pick up certain packages, instead of delivering them.

That’s definitely shady, dude.

FedEx denies the accusations, saying it will plead not guilty. “We continue to stand ready and willing to support and assist law enforcement. We cannot, however, do the job of law enforcement ourselves.”

A conviction could mean more than $820 million in fines and penalties against the shipping giant.

No FedEx employees would go to jail, which for them is a real package deal.

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