Fear Factor: Ebola Sends Jitters Through Stock Market

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NEW YORK-Looks like the stock market is going down as concerns over Ebola rise. Yeah, with a third confirmed case in Dallas, economists are worried this outbreak is hurting the health of the economy.

With Ebola messing with the psyche of the market, stocks took a 460 point plunge by midday Wednesday; one of the sickest drops since August 2011. So who are the losers and winners in a market riddled by the Ebola fear factor?

We're seeing whammies when it comes to airlines, Delta and American Airlines both took a 20 percent drop in the last month.

But market gitters haven't hit Lakeland Industries; they’re the folks who make those bright yellow hazmat suits we're seeing way too often in Dallas neighborhoods. Their stock is up nearly 50 percent.

October marked a brutal month for the bulls and the bears; it also coincided with the first confirmed Ebola case in the U.S.

Analysts say this downward spiral could continue to infect the market, leaving it in the red by the end of the year.

In a time when illness is at the top of every newscast, a remedy to our financial woes couldn't come quicker.

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