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The Food and Drug Administration is warning of a possible “critical shortage” of drugs because of the devastation in Puerto Rico.

In 2016, pharmaceuticals made up 72% of Puerto Rico’s exports and the island creates 25% of US pharmaceutical exports.

Without the island’s almost 50 pharmaceutical factories and 90,000 workers, there could be shortages to important medications, but right now, it’s too soon to tell.


“We do know that this is a dynamic situation and so things are continuing to change,” said Executive Dirctor of Health Care Ready, Nicolette Louissaint. “The landscape is continuing to change and the power outlook is continuing to change. So really this is more about that infrastructure is available and that plans are in place, which they are, then anything else. So as the situation is changing and the power outlook and the water access changes, we`ll have more visibility on the impacts on the island and the broader supply chain. ”

Meanwhile— abbvie pharmaceuticals tells usa-today that its puerto rico factories are using backup generators and are “working diligently to restore normal operations.”