FDA issues warning against chemically-laced E-cigs and cereal

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SILVER SPRING, MD-- Electronic cigarettes or E-cigs have long been touted as a less harmful alternative for smokers who struggle to kick the habit.

In the past few years, they`ve even become a must-have item for many tweens and teens, and have been marketed on popular t-v shows, including The Simpsons.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says vaping isn`t really a cool thing, and is threatening to blow them off the market.

Here`s why.

Some E-cigs come in fruity flavors that make them appealing to kids, and more troubling is the fact that some manufacturers lace the product with liquid nicotine.

In a 2017 episode of CBS's The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork explained the harmful effects of nicotine consumption.

"Nicotine exposure can lead to lasting harm to the brain, promote addiction and even lead to sustained tobacco use," Stork said. "Nicotine, the larger the dose, the greater the effect on things like blood pressure and heart rate... These are things that a lot of youngsters don't quite realize."

Another item flying under the radar that the FDA wants you to have on your radar is a colorful cereal snack with an equally colorful name - Dragon's Breath. Laced with liquid nitrogen, it appeals to kids because it produces smoke-like vapors that spew from the nose and mouth.

The FDA warns the cereal can cause serious damage to the skin and internal organs if mishandled or ingested.

The item is also sold under other names, including Heaven's Breath and Nitro Puff, and can be bought at mall kiosks, and fairs and festivals. It can even be purchased on Amazon.

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