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DALLAS — Man, remember when Halloween was a day for good, wholesome fun?  Well, it seems to get less wholesome every year. Have you seen those “sexy” costumes lately? And now, it may be less safe too.

According to several local police departments, the FBI is warning law enforcement about a “Halloween Revolt” organized by a group of anarchists. The idea is to dress up in costumes, cause a disturbance big enough to get the cops called, and then brutally assault officers when they arrive to help.

Pretty scary stuff!

So, will this threat change the way police do their jobs?  Cops in Garland say, “No way.”

“Absolutely not. I mean, we’re the police. We’re gonna respond to a call,” said Lt. Pedro Barineau of Garland PD. “It’s not uncommon for somebody to attempt to ambush a police officer, but we as police, we train for it mentally and physically, so we’re prepared for anything when we show up to a call.”

It’s a good thing, too. Can you imagine if the cops just stopped responding to calls for a night?  If it sounds like a horror movie, well, it is.  And there’s a sequel, too.

“As far as what we do from a police perspective when it comes to Halloween, we just want to make it as safe as possible for the community,” Lt. Barineau said. “We do extra patrol within the communities, so people can see police officers throughout.”

Well, here’s hoping for a safe holiday weekend for all of those officers.

And for the rest of us, Halloween may be the one day of the year it’s okay to take candy from strangers, but you still have to be careful out there, y’all.