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A Father's Mission: The Dangers of 'N-Bomb'

Eric Brown is on a mission. His 16-year old son, Montana died from an overdose of the synthetic version of LSD, known as “N-Bomb.” Now, Brown is making it his responsibility to tell the world about the dangers of this new drug.
“You don’t know what your friend is giving you, your friend doesn’t know what he is giving you, there are almost 3,000 varieties of synthetic drugs on our streets,” Brown told the student body at Heritage High School in Frisco.
Brown spoke at the same school where his son Montana, and his two older brothers, attended. Brown shared his son`s story of experimenting with `N-Bomb` and about the call he got from the cops.
“They are telling me that the boys took LSD that`s what they told him,” Brown recalled. “What do I do I Google? LSD? Oh thank god nobody ever died from that,” he said. “Half-hour later, I call the ER doctor and Montana`s dead.”
That was five months ago, but time doesn’t make it any easier.
“I was very emotional all week long leading up to this,’ Brown said. ‘I do this thing where I go out and hold Montana`s ashes and talk to him. It’s usually in the middle of the night, around when he died, I feel like it`s the witching hour. Just trying to find the strength and direction for what I want to say.”
For Brown, raising awareness has become a form of therapy; helping him through the worst times. “We can accept tragedy or we can do something so that it`s not so tragic,” he said. “As a former Marine, I don`t feel like anybody should die without something being advanced or a difference having been made.”
Now, Brown hopes Montana’s story just might save someone`s life.