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You may remember Kaylene Bowen from when you first saw her in 2014 hosting a fundraiser for her son, Christopher, who she said had cancer.

Turns out- he didn`t have cancer, and it later came out that she had him go to the hospital 323 times, undergoing 13 major surgeries – even though he wasn`t sick!

“It was just a shock to me that someone could actually do so much — 13 surgeries?” says Christopher’s grandmother, Nellie Crawford, “I just couldn`t believe it.”

Wednesday was Bowen’s hearing for custody of Christopher after he, and his two siblings were taken away in November.

But she ended up being a no-show and the judge gave Christopher`s father, Ryan, custody.

“We’re just together we have one family, and we trust God!” says Crawford.

“We`re happy to tell you that Christopher will be home with his dad for Christmas,” says Ryan’s attorney, Jeff Branch, “that was the point of why we wanted to be here today, unification is very important. We`re extremely ecstatic for Ryan our client, and for Christopher. He will be home with his dad outside the foster care system which is NOT where you want to be during the Christmas holidays.”

Ryan will be reunited with his son on the 22nd and while the judge told him he can`t talk to media – with his big smile – you can pretty much tell what he`s thinking!