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Fashion Fix: Fashion X Dallas

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DALLAS — For most of us fashion week is something we only see on television, probably in the form of highlights from New York.  The industry-wide event allows elite designers to showcase their latest.

Well, believe it or not, New York isn’t the only place for fashion fun!

Established in 2014 and held at the Fashion Industry Gallery,  Fashion X Dallas is the premier week in the DFW market that features three days filled with modern, exclusive, and dapper designs from not only the “who’s who” in Dallas fashion but also the up-and-comers.

“I love to be able to make it Dallas, where I don’t normally go to.  I feel like I’m opening myself up to a whole other market that normally would be like “who’s that girl I don’t know who she is”, so now you know who I am,” says Sonjia Williams, designer of Something by Sonjia.

But that’s not all! FXD also offers a collection of pop-up shops starring emerging jewelry and accessory designers called The Gallery.

Dorothy Amin, designer of NūLeos said, “It’s been amazing, I was so nervous, and I’m overwhelmed with the type of publicity I’m getting.”

“It gives us a platform to really debut and show everybody what we do. It gives us the opportunity to get out there in the consumer’s eye,” says Brian Munoz, designer of Penny Luck Shoes.

Fashion evolves every day and some may not have the funds for continuing education, which is why FXD makes it a point to have the BERNINA Dallas Fashion Fund  to help the career of one lucky designer.

“I think combining sort of the creative field with the education field is really showing where the true blend should be for success and happiness,” says Kayla Franey, designer of The Porcelain Teacup.

Fashion X Dallas: where you get a front row seat to witness creativity first hand and allows you see behind the fashion, here you can learn what inspires every stitch of clothing you see. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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