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GRAPEVINE, TX — Halloween is upon us, and just like last year, we’re sure to see the same old when it comes to costumes.

Like the famous kitty cat or wicked witch! What about the devil? He’s sure to make an appearance. And let’s not forget all the Harley Quinn’s and Joker costumes, we’re guaranteed to see plenty of that pair.

So while those folks are totally content with basic and predictable, some are looking for something a little more authentic.

Welcome to Vintage Tex, where historical characters from the past come to life.

“We have a lot of really great pieces that have their own unique characteristics. So there’s something that’s going to stand out a little bit more with each piece that you accessorize and sort of dress up,” says Monica Martinez, Manager of Vintage Tex.

“We’ve got items from the 1920’s all the way up to the 1970’s. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. We’ve got Bonnie & Clyde all the way up through something a little more Brady Bunch.”

Some say going vintage can cost a pretty penny, but vintage can go anywhere from Halloween to everyday, without hurting the wallet.

“Vintage is super affordable. Everything that we have is either comparable to some major Halloween stores or even a lot less. A lot of our pieces run under $100. We can always start you off with maybe a necklace or a broach. Find some really creative ways to tie that into your everyday outfit.”

From Frida Kahlo to Jane Austen, stepping back in time is the way to go.

“We can do like a 1920’s day girl so we can find a really cute 60’s dress maybe add a little scarf to it.  You know, we’ve got some really great gloves from the 50’s we can borrow, then also a little purse you’ll be good to go.”