Farmers Branch Agrees to Settle Illegal Immigration Legal Fees

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Illegal Immigration: Town Deals With Stigma of Bigotry, Millions in Fees

FARMERS BRANCH — It’s time to pay the piper in Farmers Branch.

After the Dallas suburb lost a bruising, seven-year court battle, defending its controversial, illegal immigration ordinance, officials must remove the stigma of being known as a town of bigots and settle a huge legal bill.

They’ve already paid out $6,000,000 in expenses related to their failed immigration lawsuits.

Today, the City Council agreed to pay $800,000 to lawyers on the other side. Farmers Branch Communications Director Tom Bryson says a private donor will pick up the rest of the $1.4 million tab.

In a time when so many purse strings are tight, you have to wonder if that cash could have been better served, rolling out the welcome mat than trying to hand out evictions notices.

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