Fans Celebrate National Batman Day

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PLANO, TX — If you saw a mysterious beacon in the sky today, no need to panic, It’s just Batman Day!
Yeah, it’s a real day honoring the Caped Crusader and over at Valhalla Games and Comics, they know how to celebrate it right. The Dark Knight himself even stopped by.

So what makes Batman so much bigger that he gets his own holiday while other heroes don’t?

“Well he’s more human,” said Sabrina Smith, manager of Valhalla in Plano.
“I’ve always felt like he’s one of the smartest characters… he is the night!” added assistant manager Freddy Ruiz.

Well with Gotham’s defender of the night spanning almost 80 years of history, from corny Adam West… to brooding Ben Affleck… we had to ask the experts who their favorite depiction of Batman was.

The final tally in our not-so-scientific poll was 4 votes for Michael Keaton, 3 for Kevin Conroy in the animated series, 1 for Christian Bale and 1 for George Clooney’s infamous Batman & Robin Bat-Nipples!

Well hey, that’s the best part of Batman. Whether you like campy, classic TV, Tim Burton whimsy, 90’s nostalgia, Christopher Nolan action or even Legos… there’s a Bruce Wayne out there for you.

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