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The Frogs are back in town! That`s right, the famous ‘Tango Frogs’ were bounced out of town in 1985, but have made their triumphant return.
Bob “Daddy-O” Wade, the artist who originally designed the frogs, is amazed by the cult status his partying sculptures have achieved.

“It`s pretty strange I mean you can`t write a deal like this, you couldn`t make this up,” Wade said.

“I`m so excited and they look great, great spot.”

These croakers originally stood on top of Tango`s night club on Greenville Avenue before a bureaucratic city sign ordinance fight, forced them to hop along.
Well their old `pad` is now a Taco Cabana, and they leaped at the chance to bring the frogs back home.

“Several months ago, we had a local resident here at lower Greenville,” Taco Cabana COO Todd Coerver explained. “He came in and saw Tim Taft, our President and CEO, one day in the restaurant and said it be cool if you guys could get the Tango Frogs as sort of a homecoming to show the restoration of lower Greenville; and the return of the glory days of lower Greenville.”

Well, the other half of the original ‘Six Frogs over Tango`s’ are playing it cool in Nashville. So, there`s a way to go before the whole band is back together, but at least Dallas has evolved to a more frog-friendly place.

“The city of Dallas that we live in today is a lot different than the city of Dallas that was around that these frogs met with such derision,” Tim Taft said. Tafit is the CEO of the Fiesta Restaurant Group.

Looks like it’s just one, big happy pond.​