Family Adopts Children With Special Needs

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VAN ALSTYNE- When Sean and Jill Martin met for the first time, they knew they had something special.

“You know when your hanging out in your freshmen year in college, and there’s that point in time that someone sticks out to you and your like wow! They are really using their brain and thinking about life,” Jill Martin said.

It was that kind of thinking that drew them together; fast forward to present day and these two are now proud parents. After having their first two children, the old fashion way, the Martins expand their family by adopting

“We dug into all of it and started exploring what we really felt like we were convicted about, and through time it became special needs adoption,” Sean Martin said.

What started with one child, has resulted in ten. That’s right ten!

So, what’s it like with nine brothers and sisters? Well, their oldest daughter Sophie Martin said “I don’t know what it would be like to not have that many siblings, so I think that would be boring.”

Her brother Josiah agreed. “I think its fun, someday can be a little rough but other than that I think its fun.”

So if anyone is up for ‘Parents of the Year,’ these two get our vote. They prove family is more then just blood, it’s a bond times ten!

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