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Those looking to get their drink on in the DFW are in luck this weekend!

In Addison Oktoberfest is in full swing.

“We’ve got great beer, we’ve got amazing food, fantastic music, but we’ve also got fun events,” said Mary Rosenbleeth with the Town of Addison. “German Idol with yodeling, we’ve got a spelling bee, we’ve got beer barrel rolling if you want to roll one of those big ol’ kegs and a variety of things going on.”

And if beer isn’t your drink of choice, over in Grapevine you can vote for your favorite vino at Grapefest.

“We have more than 200 types of wines available today a bunch of family friendly fun. Live entertainment on three main stages and of course we have the liberty park plaza wine experience,” Communications Coordinator Megan Body said.

Both of these festivals have been raising a glass for the past 30 years, and both have put measures in place to make sure everyone has a safe time.

“Obviously security is very important to us,” Rosenbleeth told Newsfix. “So we have got security at the gate that will check bags and doing those types of things but we’ve also partnered with Lyft. So if you want to come out have a good time and you don`t want to drive home we actually have a designated Lyft stop.”

Organizers at Grapefest agree. “So I would definitely recommend taking Uber or Lyft,” Body said. “We also have 3 complementary shuttle areas with free parking, or if you want to park closer to the festival there are some community groups that are charging for parking. Just to be safe enjoy yourself responsibly.”

That is the key here folks, have a good time but be safe. Because no one wants this weekend to be your last call.