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When you read something from ABC News, you don’t question it, right?

Like this headline from the final weeks of the Obama administration: “Obama signs executive order banning the national anthem at all sporting events nationwide.”

The article claims he did it in support of athletes like Colin Kaepernick who’ve taken a knee during the anthem.

It quotes the president as saying, “the anthem is far too violent and far too polarizing to have any place in the national discourse. Our nation is being torn apart by a song, a song that is outdated and, jingoistic.”

But Barack Obama never said that. He never signed that executive order.

If he had, we wouldn’t have heard the national anthem at the pro bowl, while some of the players held an arm-in-arm demonstration.

That’s the kinda news we get from “abc news.”

They’ve also tried to tell us that a certain strain of marijuana in Colorado is turning people gay.

But we’re not talking about the ABC News you watch on TV. This one has the web address:

This abc news has only been around for a couple of years and the website’s registered to someone in phoenix. Their contact page says they’re based in Topeka, Kansas, and shows a building that just happens to be the home of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church. You know, the group that protests at military funerals.

So what’s the real harm in fake news?

Well, whenever we clicked on the stories on, we were taken to pages to download so-called “software managers…” and heard warnings that our computer had been hacked.

Then there’s the guy who read a fake news story about a child sex ring connected to Hillary Clinton, supposedly operating out of a pizza joint. He went in and fired a gun!

Now, we`re not taking aim at all the headlines, just the one`s that have a stench of fiction.

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